Summary: [patch] rework city health
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            Submitted by: syntron
            Submitted on: Montag 01.06.2009 um 17:50
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At a game I played yesterday I had activated city
illness. After some time I got a really big city
- and it was ill ...

So I check the illness calculation. The square of
the city size is used. This will reach really high
values (city size 20 will result in a 40.0%
possibility of illness). The health effect is
implemented as a reduction by a constant value,
which will not really help. The value can't be large
or there will be not illness for small cities but it
also can't be small or big cities will never be

Therefore I changed the basic illness formula to

> ill_size = (1- exp(- size / 10)) * 10 * illness_base_factor

This function starts at 0 for size = 0 and goes
asymptotic to its maximum value (illness_base_factor).
[Remark: I used this also for the migration patches.]

More Information to the new calculation and also
an example for the illness values can be found in
the file ./doc/ruleset_options/health.txt included
in the patch. I also created an image showing the
city illness (health.png created by the matlab
script health.m).

changes by this patch:

- new formula for illness calculation
- renamed all illness ruleset options to illness_*
  (plague_on => illness_on)
- remove illness_safe_mod
- add illness_min_size (cities below this number
  will never get ill)
- add illness_base_factor
- hint if illness is deactivated
- documentation for the health effect / city illness

depends on the previous health patches (13603, 13604
and 13605)


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Date: Montag 01.06.2009 um 17:50  Name: health.m  Size: 4kB   By: syntron

Date: Montag 01.06.2009 um 17:50  Name: health.png  Size: 30kB   By: syntron



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