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As subject; in fact, a nearby river is required to build Hydro Plant,
a mountain on its own won't cut it. Since terrain requirements are
automatically described now, I've removed the explicit text entirely
(this is consistent with Hoover Dam as of r14175).

Patch is against S2_1, but same issue also applies to trunk.

Index: data/default/buildings.ruleset
--- data/default/buildings.ruleset	(revision 15708)
+++ data/default/buildings.ruleset	(working copy)
@@ -384,8 +384,7 @@
  a 150% production bonus.\
 A city can only have one Hydro Plant, Power Plant, or\
- Nuclear Plant.  A city can only build a Hydro Plant if it is next\
- to (or on) a Mountain or River tile.\
+ Nuclear Plant.\
 ; FIXME: add Solar Plant to "can have only one" helptext when Solar
 ; Plant added.
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