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> > My experience (we did it with git-svn here at work) is that it's a bit
> > of an impedance mismatch; svn's limitations impose limitations on how
> > you use git (I don't know if git-svnimport is any better): merges seem
> > to make SVN go "WTF?" and freak out.
> >
> > Although I've never tried, I guess you could use a separate branch for
> > each patchset, if you take care with how you bring it back into SVN.

I have a branch for each patchset. And it is a one-way data exchange svn -> 
git. The changes are submitted to gna as patches. Until now all is fine ...

> Separate branches is what I use with git-svn, making a new branch
> whenever I need to build on changes not yet in the main branch
> (i.e. trunk, S2_1, etc.). As a contributor one has to submit patches
> for inspection anyway, so when I do go to commit something, I just
> checkout the destination branch, apply the previously posted patch
> file, commit to git, then dcommit with git-svn. Unfortunately since
> the underlying repo is still svn, we cannot use the powerful branch
> merging features of git. :(
> A while ago I wrote a mini intro to using git with freeciv svn:

a size of 350MB? I have more than 3GB, most of it in the directory tags. It's 
not a problem but do I need this directory? I did a 'git svn clone svn://...'

matth...@mattsys:/home/matthias/git> du -h --max-depth=2
2.5G    ./freeciv.git/tags
251M    ./freeciv.git/branches
242M    ./freeciv.git/trunk
208M    ./freeciv.git/.git
3.2G    ./freeciv.git
3.2G    .


> Though that was over a year ago and I'm sure that some git
> commands have changed since then (if something fails check
> the updated docs).
> As a matter of convenience I have a separate git repository for
> S2_1, since there are many autoconf/packet related changes
> which would require a complete ./ && make whenever
> switching to trunk.
> I also like having a bunch of shell aliases for commonly used
> command sequences:
> alias gb='git branch'
> alias gba='git branch -a'
> alias gci='git commit -v'
> alias gco='git checkout'
> alias gd='git diff'
> alias gdc='git diff --color'
> alias gdci='git-svn dcommit'
> alias gl='git log'
> alias glt='git log --pretty=format:"%s%n%n%b"'
> alias gps='git push'
> alias gpu='git pull'
> alias gr='git reset'
> alias greb='git-svn rebase'
> alias gsh='git show'
> alias gshc='git show --stat -p --color'
> alias gst='git status'
> Using git branches is much more space efficient than copying
> the svn repo each time, and incomparably faster. This was
> actually the main reason I learned to use git a long time, though
> git has many more advantages beyond just that. ;)
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