Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> I've noticed numerous bugs with the [patch] tags in the gna bug
> tracker. Just though it'd mention, if you haven't noticed already,
> that there's a separate patch tracker available at
> https://gna.org/patch/?group=freeciv
> Do you think we'd use it, or shall I just close it?

As hopeful patch contributor, and external rather than part of the 
maintainers group, I personally think that a single source would be more 
discoverable. Despite the administrative hassle this might create, it's 
more than likely that only people "in the know" will check the two 
separate sources (and even then, unlikely to actually use the right one 
- witness the bug reports that come straight to this mailing list).

Patch-for-bug vs. patch-for-new feature might seem clear to those 
involved for a time, so it'd probably would give similar results to 
simply set up tags/keywords that can be assigned by the maintainers to 
sort the two types for later searches. (Assuming that, like on bugzilla, 
it's possible to create/assign arbitrary tags.)

Also, a related question: does the patch tracker work with the same Gna 
account as the bug tracker? And send emails to this list? Wondering for 
my own reference if the patch tracker does end up being the preferred way.

- John

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