2009/7/8 John Keller <free...@johnkeller.com>:
> Patch-for-bug vs. patch-for-new feature might seem clear to those
> involved for a time,

 The fact it's sometimes hard to say if patch is new feature or bugfix
(it's sometimes disputable if old behavior is a bug) is the reason I
started posting all patches to just bugtracker - just like we used to
do with RT.
 For example: If I would write a patch that would remove despotism
penalty of -1 from tiles producing more than 2 food/shield/trade, I
would of course send it to features tracker since there is no bug in
current behavior. However, people are regularly filling bugreports
about how they get only 2 food/shield/trade from some tile that should
yield 3. They would check bugtracker, not feature tracker.

> Also, a related question: does the patch tracker work with the same Gna
> account as the bug tracker? And send emails to this list? Wondering for
> my own reference if the patch tracker does end up being the preferred way.

 Yes, it seems to be identical to bugtracker, only using another
database to store tickets in. Maintainers have same options to
configure it as we have for bugtracker. I think I already set it to
send mails to freeciv-dev some time ago just in case someone posts
something there.

 - ML

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