2009/7/8 Matthias Pfafferodt <matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de>:
>> Patch-for-bug vs. patch-for-new feature might seem clear to those
>> involved for a time, so it'd probably would give similar results to
>> simply set up tags/keywords that can be assigned by the maintainers to
>> sort the two types for later searches. (Assuming that, like on bugzilla,
>> it's possible to create/assign arbitrary tags.)
> You are right. At the moment there is one lonely patch waiting in the patches
> section. I don't know if anybody found the new nation.

 First you were for using both trackers, but then you agreed on some
points of John's mail. Could you clarify which way you would vote at
the moment.

 Until we have agreed on something, I continue using current practice
of posting bug reports, bugfixes and feature patches all to the same

 - ML

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