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> I'm sorry to remake an old discussion, but do we still continue to maintain
> all this ancestral clients that nobody didn't update for a long time?  I
> think a complicate project like Freeciv would concentrate into one only good
> client instead of having x incomplete clients.

I don't remember such discussion from the past. Do you have some
pointers for me?

Keeping clients in a compiling state is not thta much work, typically
just search and replace. At least they exist if somebody steps up and
starts actie development on some of them, like cproc did with 2.1 SDL

Developers and hardcore players usually prefer GTK client for its
feature completeness.SDL client has large user base among average
players for its much better look.

IIRC some old versions of Windows cannot use gtk or sdl client, only
native client. There might be other portability issues in providing
any one client to some platforms.

Support for multiple clients has served us well in the past. That
allowed us to develop gtk client and later gtk2 client so that they
were eventually made default client. Had we decided that we will
maintain only the best client of the time, we would still be using xaw

All that said, we could consider level of maintenance for each client.
FTWL has been inactive project for a long time.

 - ML

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