2009/7/8 Daniel Markstedt <markst...@gmail.com>:
> How about this for the definitions of bug and patch:
> * A patch is an issue for which you have prepared a fix or is planning
> to prepare a fix yourself. Typically used by regular contributors.
> * A bug is an issue for which you do not have a fix and wish for
> someone else to find one. Typically used by users.

 No, I think this is worse than obvious bug/feature division. Bug
report should be always in bug tracker (and searchable there) and not
depend on if I will have time to fix it myself or not.

 Votes seems to be 2-2 among all developers, and 1-1 among
Maintainers. But as this is not so big deal for me, okay, let's use
two trackers (assuming nobody else weights in at the last moment).

 - ML

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