Follow-up Comment #1, bug #13931 (project freeciv):

add patch based on the settings changes
(gna13867 to gna13871)

again the question if the use of 'char sval[1024]'
in setting_set_to_default() is correct.

if the recursive read patch is added, the check
path can include read_ini_script():

static bool reset_command(struct connection *caller, bool check)
  if (srvarg.script_filename &&
      !read_init_script(NULL, srvarg.script_filename, TRUE, check)) {
    freelog(LOG_ERROR, _("Cannot load the script file '%s'"),
    return FALSE;

  if (!check) {

    notify_conn(NULL, NULL, E_SETTING, _("Server: Settings

  return TRUE;

(file #6192)

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