Hooray for a working bug/patch tracker! I've submitted a renewed and 
revised version of my proposed menu+command revamp. I've even used the 
patch tracker (second patch in there) per the previous discussion for 
non-bug tickets.

You can find my full explanation and the patches in patch #1188. This 
email is more about the future...

My overall goal is to try to bring interface changes to Freeciv that 
would make it both easier to learn and easier to use, as well as some 
potentially "cool" things for interacting with the map and units. Lofty 
goals, but you all will be the ultimate judge of course. I'm going to 
try to take it in small steps... :-)

As my immediate next step, I was hoping to move the GTK client to 
GtkUIManager (GtkItemFactory has been deprecated since 2.4, which 
happens to be the base version of GTK required by Freeciv).

This wouldn't simply be an exercise in refactoring. There are some very 
tangible benefits to GtkUIManager: One of these is the ability to 
merge/unmerge menus, which would permit some interface cleanup that I 
think everyone would find interesting.

Before proceeding, I wanted to test the waters and find out the interest 
level. Would a move to GtkUIManager have a possibility of being 
accepted, or are there reasons to keep GtkItemFactory?

Hoping you'll find my patches interesting...

- John

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