On Tue, 21 Jul 2009, Tommi Bj?rkbacka wrote:
> Hello
> I'm going to implement another Freeciv web client. It seems that
> Freeciv-Forever contains some code that I could use almost directly
> but there is problem.. I can't find license for Freeciv-Forever.
> The question:
> Can I use your Freeciv-Forever code if I found it useful?

Sure, you can use the code if you want, it is distributed with the same
license as the rest of Freeiv, the GPL license.

I would be vey interested in hearing about how you plan to implement such
a web client. I have found it to be quite a lot of work, possibly to much
for one person only. By the way, I wrote to the Freeciv mailing list
earlier, outligning some of the problems with the latest web client.
I stared on a rewrite, which I think would solve many of the performance
issues. Anyway, please let me know how things go.

  - Andreas

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