Follow-up Comment #6, patch #1201 (project freeciv):

I had a look at the trade code in warserver. This
calculation is highly complex. Perhaps I will try
to get something of it into 2.3-devel ...

> I would prefer change the calculation like ">= 
>" instead of ">" > and set the
default value to 9.

> Actually, you could also allow lower value. Warserver
> usual setting is 8 (which means 7 with your patch) for
> example. 

I added the '>=' and set the default to 9 as it is in
warserver. The bounds are defined as [1,999].

> > 8 (or trademindist) is the tile distance between two cities, 
> > not including the city tiles. 
> This is not logical for me.

This is my confusion about how distances are counted
in freeciv (I have to think about this from time to
time). Take to cities A and B like

 A   B
 01234 <- distance is 4

I did only count the tiles _between_ the two cities.

Attached is an update version of the patch; changes:

* comparison using '>='
* changed default/min/max values to [9,1,999]
* correction of a copy & past error in the default value
  if loading a savefile.

(file #6285)

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