Follow-up Comment #8, patch #1188 (project freeciv):

Wow, Marco. Thanks for the willingness to experiment!

I definitely understand and respect not wanting to make different key usage
in different clients.

I tried to make these changes logical and at the same time not too disruptive
(I don't think anyone would want to have the basic "go-to" changed to "Z" :-D
), and tried to think of the other clients while working on the GTK client (I
think I've actually reduced the number of Ctrl-key combinations, nicer for
everyone). So it's entirely logical to want to bring these changes to other
clients, and is my hope as well.

I've looked at the other clients, and I'd be willing and able to create
patches for SDL, XAW and Windows native clients. I'd just change the keys (to
keep consistency between clients) but not the menu layout (so as to avoid
breakage). Then the maintainers for the two other clients with menus (XAW and
Windows) could revise menu structure per the final GTK implementation, as they
saw fit.

I could have those three patches for this weekend; would you be interested?
Would that help get these changes in for 2.1?

Here's my reasoning for hoping to get my changes in for 2.1:

0 In the GTK client as it stands, there are new keys for selecting units, and
the editing mode is implemented (both new since 2.0) - my patches affect both.
I'd love to have my new key structure implemented so that it could get revised
during the 2.1 cycle (more people testing = more input).

0 I'm hoping to move the GTK client's menu to GtkUIManager instead of
GtkItemFactory. This would permit some big UI fixes, potentially also helping
the editor. (Whether implemented in 2.1 or not would depend on the project's
policy for UI changes to released versions, which I'm not familiar with).

I certainly don't want to pressure you, and am happy to follow your decision.
On the other hand, I've been itching for years to get started with this work
(hampered by time but also the old RT bug tracker), so if I sound eager it's
because I am. :-)


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