Summary: Autosettler behaviour makes engineers move far too
far and take too long
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            Submitted on: Sunday 02/08/09 at 18:10 CEST
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Here's an example: suppose I've got two large continents and I've managed to
connect them by a land bridge. The whole lot is connected by railway and I
have a large number of engineer units.

During the autosettler movement phase we see lots of engineeers moving from
continent A to continent B, and also lots of engineers moving from continent
B to continent A! It looks like each engineer selects the global best
location to go to, in order. It would be much better if the best global
locations were considered simultaniously and then the nearest engineer sent
to each one. This would result in far less movement and thus far far less
time spent during the autosettler phase watching engineers shuttle back and
forth. As it is, it can end up taking several minutes for the engineers to
make their moves.

So the suggestion is to change the algorithm so that autosettler moves are
considered simultaniously rather than in turn. Engineers that are in
connected segments of railway should be treated as a block. If there are N
engineers in a segment of railway then select the N best locations for them
to move to. Select which engineers to send to each such location so as to
(approximately) minimise the total distance moved.

The point is we do not change which locations we move engineers to, we just
change how we pick which engineers to go where.


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