Summary: wish: AI treaties with allies proposed last
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With 2.1 the following can happen before the user gains control for the turn:
(1) your ally proposes an exchange, (2) you meet your ally's ally and
instantly go to war; your ally cancels the treaty, (3) your ally's ally
proposes a ceasefire.

In this situation, you cannot conclude the treaty with your former ally. 
I've also found that sometimes, you cannot conclude the ceasefire either, but
need to close both proposals and then initiate your own cease-fire proposal. 
The only way the ally's proposal will ever be possible to conclude is if you
conclude a cease-fire, then propose a new alliance, and then return to the
original treaty--but I've found this often doesn't work.

One partial solution would be for the ally's proposal to be the last action
taken before control is given to the user, so that it will be made in light
of any other diplomatic actions taken in the turn.  In the situation
described above, this means that the ally simply wouldn't make the proposal
at all.

However, it's also possible for the player to gain control, then move and
discover another player, before addressing the outstanding treaties.  I would
expect the AI to then cancel any treaties which it proposed but is no longer
willing to agree with, or else to modify them (by adding a proposal of
alliance to the top) to make them acceptable.  This is the only situation I
can think of where the AI proposes a treaty and then doesn't want to conclude
it, so there's not really much reason to leave it open for negotiations.


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