Summary: Ruleset string issues batch from Sini
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: dmarks
            Submitted on: Sunday 08/16/2009 at 23:22
                Category: rulesets
                Severity: 3 - Normal
                Priority: 3 - Low
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Pasting a batch of ruleset string issues reported by Sini Ruohomaa
<sini.ruoho...@cs.helsinki.fi> on the freeciv-i18n list.


And as usual, some notes of strangenesses I ran into:

#: server/settings.c:990
msgid "Whether to have simultaneous player/team phases."

The long desc implies the option value 0 means "all move concurrently"
and 1 that movement is alternated. Since 0 is often interpreted as "no",
this setting should maybe be called the opposite, whether to *not* have
concurrency, so the "question" and "answer" would match -> "should we
alternate movement?" "yes."

#: data/default/script.lua:30
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The %s have acquired %s from ancient scrolls of                     "

Has a *lot* of sudden spaces before wisdom. Whitespace fail or TRANS
comment in order?

#: data/nation/breton.ruleset:6
msgid ""
"Known to the Romans as Amorica, (...) peninsula a mercenaries (...)

Armorica, not Amorica, according to Wikipedia. Also, "as mercenaries".

#: data/nation/burundi.ruleset:7
msgid ""
"Lasting from 16th century, through European colonial administration,
until "
"finally overthrown in 1966, the Kingdom of Burundi was an East African
state "
"in which the King and aristocracy extracted taxes from the nation's "
"peasantry. (...)

The first sentence was a tad difficult to parse. Wikipedia explains:
- Burundi kingdom started in the 1500s
- It was feodal, the king and aristocrats extracted taxes from the
- Burundi was under colonial rule after Belgians came in, although
apparently the local rule was upkept to a degree; it gained independence
in 1962.
- The monarchy was overthrown in 1966.

#: data/nation/byzantium.ruleset:28
msgid "?female:Basileus"

The female variant in Latin is really Basilissa, according to Wikipedia.

#: data/nation/purhepecha.ruleset:7

The desc uses CA instead of AD. There seems to be some inconsistency in
year markings in general, maybe a standard should be set for the nation
texts? (I'd use the Finnish secular "jaa." everywhere if the darned
thing didn't look confusingly much like "oh."... X-))

#: data/civ2/game.ruleset:21
msgid ""
"You are playing with civ2 style rules.These are quite close to Freeciv
"default rules, but with some additions."

Space after first period.

#: data/civ2/units.ruleset:1946
(...) When barbarian leader is killed on (...)

#: data/default/units.ruleset:2033
(...) When a Barbarian Leader is killed on (...)

On a quick look there seems to be only this much difference between the
two ruleset help descs, maybe the civ2 one could be fixed to match the
default exactly?




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