Summary: optionally include advance benefits in output
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: nmx
            Submitted on: Friday 08/28/2009 at 15:24
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When you gain an advance that enables a new form of government, the output
message helpfully points out that a new form of government is available.  You
may not want to switch to it, but it's nice to know.  I would love to see
similar behavior for wonders, primarily, and improvements and units
secondarily - especially if they were all optional, per the user's

For example, the following message would remain the same:
Learned Bridge Building.  Our scientists focus on Mysticism; goal is

...but this next message would get additional information:
Learned Mysticism.  Our scientists focus on Philosophy; goal is Theology.
Mysticism enables you to build the Oracle wonder.

...something like that.  More examples:

Learned Masonry.
Masonry enables you to build the Great Wall wonder and the Pyramids wonder.
Masonry enables you to improve your cities with City Walls and Palace.

Learned Seafaring.
Seafaring enables you to improve your cities with Harbor.
Seafaring enables you to build Explorer units.

These options would be on by default, but could be individually toggled.


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