Instead of just deciding everything among maintainers, I call all
developers to comment on how we approach 2.2 release.

Since I seem to be the only active maintainer at the moment, there is
no need to agree on some specific date that will suit for everybody.
Instead I'm taking more flexible approach of creating the S2_2 branch
at the moment I need it. There is no point in having two separate
branches (S2_2 and TRUNK) if they are kept identical by applying same
patches. I'll create S2_2 branch only when I'm ready to make first
commit that should not go to 2.2. Anyway, S2_2 branching is more
likely to happen within a week than taking several weeks.

Ruleset format freeze:
Do we need to make any changes to ruleset format before 2.2 is
released? Let me know of any such patches or plans. Ruleset format
freeze means that people can start making rulesets against current
freeciv codebase knowing that their ruleset will be 2.2 compatible.

Network protocol freeze:
This means no more changes to mandatory part of capstring. Let me know
of any needs to change network protocol before 2.2 release.

First beta:
2.2.0-beta1 will be released after above freezes.

 - ML

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