2009/9/5 Marko Lindqvist <cazf...@gmail.com>:
> Instead of just deciding everything among maintainers, I call all
> developers to comment on how we approach 2.2 release.

 ...and nobody commented. I'll add some comments of my own then.

 Some things that need to be done before 2.2.0:

 1) Starting position editing support to editor.
      Book had plans for this and from the preliminary patches she
already provided it is obvious that she was not only adding editor
support for current startpos model, but was rewriting startpos
completely to be more feature rich. If nobody continues that work,
I'll take less ambitious route of least effort.

 2) Borders system needs some work.
     I'm not completely sure what should be done, but current code is
step backwards from S2_1. It's a shame border system has been touched
at all since S2_1.

 3) Selecting which military base to pillage
      This sounds like a minor feature, but will actually require
quite a big changes. This is required for S2_2 and not postponed since
it's regression in new gen-base code. In S2_1 it was possible to
select whether fortress or airbase is pillaged.

> Ruleset format freeze:
> Do we need to make any changes to ruleset format before 2.2 is
> released? Let me know of any such patches or plans. Ruleset format
> freeze means that people can start making rulesets against current
> freeciv codebase knowing that their ruleset will be 2.2 compatible.

 Nobody commented that they have patches or plans for patches changing
ruleset format. We can declare ruleset format frozen?

> Network protocol freeze:
> This means no more changes to mandatory part of capstring. Let me know
> of any needs to change network protocol before 2.2 release.

 Startpos code changes require protocol changes for sure, border
system changes probably.

 - ML

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