Follow-up Comment #3, bug #14279 (project freeciv):

r...@desktop freeciv]# grep AUTH config.h
/* #undef HAVE_AUTH */

I watched configure carefully for any clues as it did its stuff, it did an
adjustment for my mysql:

checking mysql/mysql.h usability... yes
checking mysql/mysql.h presence... yes
checking for mysql/mysql.h... yes
checking for mysql_query in -lmysqlclient... no
configure: WARNING: couldn't find mysql libs in normal locations
checking for mysql_query in -lmysqlclient... yes
configure: WARNING: had to add -L/usr/lib/mysql to LDFLAGS

and it warned about what seems to be polish translation:

config.status: WARNING:  'po/' seems to ignore the
--datarootdir setting

****************** Configuration Summary ******************

  Build freeciv client: yes
    Debugging support:  some

  Client frontends:
    Gtk-2.0: yes
    SDL:     no
    Xaw:     no
    Win32:   no
    FTWL:    no
    Stub:    no

  Build freeciv server:    yes
    Debugging support:     some
    Auth database support: true

[r...@desktop freeciv]# grep AUTH config.h
/* #undef HAVE_AUTH */

SO yeah it is silently not setting auth yet claiming to have set it...



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