Am Thursday 10 September 2009 15:42:56 schrieb Marko Lindqvist:
> 2009/9/5 Marko Lindqvist <>:
> > Ruleset format freeze:
> > Do we need to make any changes to ruleset format before 2.2 is
> > released? Let me know of any such patches or plans. Ruleset format
> > freeze means that people can start making rulesets against current
> > freeciv codebase knowing that their ruleset will be 2.2 compatible.
>  Nobody commented that they have patches or plans for patches changing
> ruleset format. We can declare ruleset format frozen?

Possible patches which changes the ruleset are the tech upkeep 
( and the variable city radii 
( While the first one could be ready for 2.2 
(for testing; the right numbers have to be found) the second one changes a 
basic game principle and needs some discussion.

I'm fine if both wait for 2.3 ...
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