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On 18/09/2009, Jordi Negrevernis i Font <> wrote:
> En/na Marko Lindqvist ha escrit:
>> 2009/9/18 Jordi Negrevernis i Font <>:
>>>    This text is in a translatable text in Freeciv 2.1.X:
>>> If you find any bugs, then please send us a bug report.  This is best
>>> done
>>> by visiting the Freeciv Bug Tracking System, at:\n
>>> \n
>>  I can't find such a text in latest S2_1. Bug tracker has been moved
>> since 2.1.9 was released, so it still contained old address.
>     Are you sure? It's not present on Trunk, but I see it in S2_1 branch...
>     I did an 'svn update' before...

 Uhm. Are you talking about existing po-file in svn? There has been no
update-po since 2.1.9 release. Translators are expected to do
update-po themselves. Or you can get results of latest (01-Jul-09 for
S2_1) update-po I did from

 To all translators: Most translations still list old bug report
address. Please update that before 2.1.10 release. (Well, I guess old
address is not shown to user as certainly whole string is now fuzzy
and displayed in English instead)

 - ML

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