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2009/9/22 Jordi Negrevernis i Font <>:
> String found in es.po after running 'update po' or alike...
> By changing this option you change the active theme. This is the same as
> using the -- --theme command-line parameter.
> Would it be?:
> using the --t --theme command-line parameter.

 Short answer: Current string is technically correct, but maybe
meaning is not very clear.

 Client gets two kinds of command-line parameters: those handled by
client common code, and those specific to certain client. "--" means
that following parameters are not to be handled by common code but
should be passed to client specific library.
 "--theme" is specific to SDL-client, so you would set theme for it
like "freeciv-sdl -- --theme human" or "freeciv-sdl -- -t human"
(freeciv-sdl is executable name in S2_2/trunk).
 "-t" means "--tileset" in client common side, so you can even have
"freeciv-sdl -t amplio -- -t human"

 - ML

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