Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1254 (project freeciv):

Let's check; bouncing is used in:

* game_load_internal(); dist = 2; corrupt savegame; use dist = 1 to consider
only the surrounding tiles?

* throw_units_from_illegal_cities(); dist = 2; check units in a city after an
owner change, ...; dist could here be equal to city radius so that the units
are spread within this area

* resolve_stack_conflicts(); dist = 2; after an alliance break; use dist = 1
(no teleporting!)

* (possible use) transfer_unit(); I want to check this function again ...

As listed above the distance could be fixed to 1 for checks (savegame; stack
resolve) and to the city radius.

Is it possible to go from alliance to war? If yes, dist = 1 for stack resolve
would mean that the units could attack each over directly after this.


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