Hi everyone

I've created a soundset for Freeciv based on samples from 
http://freesound.org, which licences its samples with a Creative Commons 
Sampling Plus 1.0 License. My motivation was partly to replace the 
current very repetitive default soundset, but mostly to increase the 
immersiveness of the game.

Here's a breakdown of the sample pack:
- Individual fight sounds for the standard units
- Individual move sounds for the standard units
- Basic events (huts, treaties, turn bell, tech learned, wonder build 
and wall message)

What's not in:
- Extra units (crusaders, elephants and fanatics)
- Individual wonder sounds
- Individual building sounds (although factory and marketplace do have 
sounds, as an experiment)
- All the other events

I recommend you increase the unit move animation time a little. Any 
feedback is highly appreciated. Get it here:

Gavin van Lelyveld

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