Follow-up Comment #1, bug #14353 (project freeciv):

I was thinking the same thing. I can think of two way for this:

1) More elaborate "goto" handling in the client.

One can alraedy connect railroads, which involves adding road and then rail
as needed along the path. I also hacked into my client that irrigation means
building farmland (irrigate twice).

The server part is all there already. The client just needs to create the
proper set of actions into a goto (that can go nowhere) and send it.

The client part could allow to change the terrain the unit is currently
standing on to <xyz> and then create the required alterations into a goto
(e.g. Mountain to grasland: transform twice). Alternatively the client could
allow stacking commands allowing the user to generate the goto themself. The
later would be more flexible as one could e.g. stack transform, road, rail,
irrigate, farmland, go north, repeat a number of times.

2) A work map for auto workers

Unlike 1 there would be no unit involved. You would simply point at some tile
and say: Make plains, build road, irrigate. Then when some auto worker needs
something to do it would look at the work map, find the best (nearest, most
beneficial, whatever) tile that needs an alteration (it can perform) it would
go there and do it.

2a) A city terrain map

Terrain alteration usualy only make sense for city tiles. The city dialog
could be extended by a terrain editor letting one set the prefered state of
tiles for the city.

2b) A connectivity (road/rail) map

It would be nice if one could say "Build a road/rail between X and Y". Since
that often means connecting 2 cities this should be on the global map. It
often involves tiles not a city tile too.

2c) A terrain management assistant

It might be nice to say: This city should have 3 Grassland, 2 plains and 2
forest tiles. Or give weights for food, shield, trade and let the manager
figure out a set of tile types that fits those best. This could be combined
with 2a so the assistant only seeds the cities terrain map.

For extra bonus it would be good if the auto workers could be optionally
restricted to only implement changes directed on those maps and not go
running of into the wild if idle. Or only do the changes indicated + roads as
they see fit.
Generally a dialog that allows/denies/weighs activities an auto worker can do
would be nice. But that is probably a different wish.

   Goswin von Brederlow <goswin-v-b at>


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