Follow-up Comment #1, bug #14091 (project freeciv):

Some thoughts on this.

1) Often I need group of the same type of unit  to do something. Like build a
defensive wall in front of the enemy, attack a city or build rails/irrigate a

It would be nice if one could restrict the next choosen unit to be the same
type as the current one even if that means looking further away. This should
be an easily reachable thing. A button next to the unit or a key press.

2) Often I find myself wondering if I have any more units of a type left or
enough of them and I want that unit now before I forget what I need it for.
For example just finished building a railroad to an enemies city. Now to
conquere the city I know, from experience, I need roughly 6 Musketteers. Do I
have 6 left? What if I used up my 6 Musketeers and the city is now defensless.
I need a 7th Muskeeter to conquere the city right now before I get distracted
from conquering the city by something else.

To solve this it might be nice for the client to give a list of pending units
with the number of units of this type. The gtk client already shows the active
unit, the other units on the same tile below that (up to 3). I suggest putting
all pending units below that sorted most common first and as many as there is
space. A table 3 units wide and as long as there is space would be ideal I
think. 3 or 6 slots are probably sufficient for most turns.

For added bonus clicking on any of the shown pending units should select the
nearest of that type or cycle through them if that type is alraedy active.

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