Follow-up Comment #2, bug #14089 (project freeciv):

This is just about the last stanca of the previous comment.

>From years ago I remember that there where 2 ways to connect:

ctrl-r       - connect considering costs
ctrl-shift-r - connect in a direct path

When building a road between 2 cities I would rather spend 5 more turns
building a road on a mountain than waste turns walking around it every time.

Unfortunately now there is only shift-r/l/i which does the cheapest thing.

I think we need the "connect directly" option back that ignores the costs and
just builds the shortest (in tiles) path.
Currently one has to build a road/rail in a straight line by setting multiple
way points, worst case one per tile or the worker will divert of course.

   Goswin von Brederlow <goswin-v-b at>

PS: I would also like to restrict auto workers to certain jobs. Esspecially I
would like to single out 5 engineers and set them to only clean polution (or
idly wait for more).


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