Follow-up Comment #4, bug #14448 (project freeciv):

Is there some reason for not allowing an embassy even if they already have
one through some other means?

It's always puzzled me that some wonders are 'blocking' while others are not.
 For instance, you can't build cathedrals if you have Michelangelo's Chapel,
and you cannot create embassies if you have Marco Polo, but you can still
build barracks I and II with Sun Tzu (and cities will even start building
them if their worklists are empty) and you can still build walls in cities
even if you have the Great Wall (in fact, it's a good idea, since the wonder
is obsoleted rather quickly).  Marco Polo is also obsoleted fairly quickly,
so I can imagine that a player would want to acquire embassies by other

Therefore, perhaps it would be acceptable to allow embassy creation even if
another effect already gives an embassy?


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