2009/10/8 Matthias Pfafferodt <matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de>:
> OK; so is there a possibility for this to go into 2.2.0?
> I have an updated patch which uses radius_sq. It needs some testing but
> should be ready latest beginning of next week. But this patch series
> touches a lot of code (especially the savegame format).

 Main reason to very long release cycles is that we want to fit too
many new features to each release instead of "release early, release
often". It's already almost two years since 2.1.0 was released, we
really should concentrate on stabilizing S2_2 in this point instead of
pushing new features in. As I stated before, only new features that
should go in to S2_2 at this point are those fixing usability or game
balance. I know that it's often arguable which features improve
balance. I would accept AI improvements to make single player games
more meaningful (in current S2_2 AI does even worse than in earlier

 - ML

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