Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1236 (project freeciv):

(more Information about this experimental ruleset; from

1. New rules

- Plagues are activated. An Aqueduct or a Sewer System reduce the possibility
of an illness in the city. It is further reduced by an Hospital or a Genetic
Laboratory. Building the wonder Cure for Cancer' further reduces the
possibility of an illness.  (available in freeciv)

- The Genetic Laboratory increases the food output by 25% if the city size
exceeds 20. (available in freeciv)

- Migration is activated and locked. Add migration effects of the different
governments. (available in freeciv; settings in the ruleset and locking of
settings needs patch #1301)

- After The Corporation is researched the upkeep for most modern military
units change from shield to gold. (available in freeciv)

- An new unit class Big Land is introduced. Units of this type can not move
into mountains, ...  (available in freeciv)

- Units of class trireme can move on rivers. (available in freeciv)

- Activate variable city radii:
    radius 1: start
    radius 2: city size 3
    radius 3: city size 10 + Railroad
    radius 4: city size 30 + Railroad + Mass Transit + Super Highway
  The vision range of the city is adapted accordingly. (patch #1235)

- Increase the number of build slots for units at radius 3 and 4. (needs
patch #1234)

- (Add and) Activate tech upkeep. (needs patch #1264 and patch #1265)

- Activate foggedborders; borders are not updated if they are not seen.
(available in freeciv)

I don't know if these changes are ready for the default ruleset; I see this
experimental ruleset as a possibility to add new rules / features and to test
them. This way they are not forgotten.


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