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as a game progresses I repeadately find myself in the position that I need a
number of units somewhere on the map. At that point I have to find idle units
of that type, for each find the destination again and goto them there.
Sometimes I have to wait for enough units to be build. And all that time I
have to remember how many units I have already send, how many I need and what
I need them for.

- Gathering 8 Settlers to build a new size 8 city.
- Gathering 5 Diplomats to bribe a city.
- Gathering 20 Musketeers to take a city.
- Gathering 17 Engineer to irrigate all city tiles.

For this I propose to create global ralley points that the client can set
anywhere on the map. This should work as follow:

1) The client then asks for the type of unit(s) and number of each to gather
(and optionally a reminder message what it is gathering for).

2) Idle units matching the criteria are send on a goto to the ralley point
including newly created ones until enough are on the way. In (1) the client
could include a field to allow taking sentry and/or fortified units too.

3) When units arrive they are put into fortify/sentry or simply kept out of
focus by the client.

4) Notice when units get lost along the way and react in some way. E.g. unit
disbanded because a city couldn't pay upkeep -> get a new one. Unit destroyed
by enemy -> notify user that the ralley point is dangerous.

5) Once all units have arrived the ralley point should send a (popup) message
including the reminder and a link to the location and all units should be

6) The ralley point disapears.

Idealy the ralley point should show the number of turns required to gather
the units (if all are on the way). As graphic I suggest some form of flag,
preferably including the players flag so ralley points between allies (shared
vision) can be seen.



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