Follow-up Comment #11, bug #14603 (project freeciv):

The attached patch splits the FREECIV_PATH in many others:
* FREECIV_DATA_PATH (default ".:data:~/.freeciv/2.3:$datadir/freeciv")
* FREECIV_SAVE_PATH (default ".:~/.freeciv/saves")

If one of the environment variable is not set, it will use FREECIV_PATH
instead (default ".:data:~/.freeciv:~/.freeciv/2.3:$datadir/freeciv"). 
Getting the save path or the scenario path from FREECIV_PATH will extend all
dirs with "saves", "scenario" and "scenarios" suffixes.

Renamed the interface of datafile* to fileinfo*.  Every of this function
takes as first argument get_data_dirs(), get_save_dirs() or
get_scenario_dirs().  Also add constant flag to returned values which
shouldn't be modified or freed.

(file #7163)

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