Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1356 (project freeciv):

> Why did you add those useless prototypes?

I think every static function should be announced at the top of the *.c

> You also should use secfile_lookup_str_int(). 

see comment to patch #1355

> Global headers like <assert.h> are usually included before
> freeciv ones like "support.h" (see in generate_specenum.h) 

will change this ...

> This comment looks superfluous to me... One can change that
> data without changing this comment... Anyway, if the this
> setting was too low, then the last enumerators wouldn't be
> declared and the compilation would fail. 

The comment should be included to give a hint there to search for the case of
the error. The current number could be removed.


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