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> Not a unit and putting 2 space ship components into the list
> would be the same as clicking the "2" box in your system. I'm
> not arguing about changing what gets build. Just how to
> account for/coordinat that with the build list.
> I'm perfectly fine with building just one Diplomat if you have
> a Diplomat and an Armor in the build list. But if you have 2
> Diplomats and then an Armor and enough shields it should build
> 2 and remove 2 from the build list.
> Lets explain it this way: The unit type build can only be 
> changed once a turn but it will produce as many units as are
> queued up and shields allow.
> "Diplomat, Armor, Diplomat, Armor" takes always >= 4 turns.
> "Diplomat, Diplomat, Armor, Armor" takes >= 2.
> "Armor, Coinage" builds exactly one armor and coinage the next > turn.
> "Freight" will build as many Freights as possible each turn.

The above listed rules for build slots are considered in the updated version
of the patch. Furthermore the number of build slots is given in the city
dialog and the city report. It is listed as

* Have/Cost: for buildings or only one unit
* Have/{x*Cost}: for x < available build slots
* Have/[x*Cost]: for x = available build slots

see city_production_cost_str() in ./client/citydlg_common.c

(file #7207)

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