Follow-up Comment #2, bug #14707 (project freeciv):

The theme works correctly in 2.1.9, and all other applications, so I don't
think the theme itself is the problem. (QTCurve just makes the gtk app use
the qt theme).

At first I thought it was that the theme wasn't saved. When I look at 'local
options' the theme shows 'freeciv' but displays my dark theme. Also the popup
menus (like for local options, to close freeciv, and city dialog) use the
'freeciv' theme, even though everything else uses qtcurve.

I think the reason why the main menu and pregame look odd is because the
freeciv theme does not define all the colors, and the ones that aren't
defined use the system settings. This happens with websites often.

I have S2_2 in /usr/local, 2.1.9 in /usr and warclient in /opt, I don't think
their libraries would be conflicting, but maybe they are. I just use --prefix=, is this wrong?


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