2009/11/21 Daniel Markstedt <markst...@gmail.com>:
> Finally managed to figure out how to do custom searches in the bug
> tracker using "Query Forms" (not exactly user-friendly) and found out
> there are still four open bugs left with a 2.1.10 target:

 Now there seemed to be three.

> Are any of these showstoppers for the release, or can we postpone them
> to a theoretical 2.1.11?

 At least it's not regression since 2.1.9. I would postpone this to
2.1.11 rather than to postpone 2.1.10 release.

 Full redesign to critical part of the code in a stable and mature
branch? No way. This is probably 2.3.0 (yes, 2.*3*.0) stuff...

 I assume this bug is invalid as additional information has not been
provided after it was asked months ago.

 - ML

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