Summary: Improve diplomacy help
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            Submitted on: Sunday 22/11/09 at 18:35
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The attached patch reorganises, expands, and improves the in-game help for
diplomacy and diplomatic states, and corrects a couple of minor untruths.

It also brings out reference material for diplomatic states from the
introductory section into a new top-level help item "Diplomacy", similar to
the [url=http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Diplomacy game manual on the wiki] --
I didn't even realise the material was there in the introductory section
until I came to write this patch! I do think it's worth having the niceties
of international law in a reference section; I often find myself referring to
the wiki page.

I've tested this in the Gtk client. I've checked the Xaw client compiles, but
it doesn't seem to run well enough for me to get at the help -- it seems
pretty broken, is that expected? I've also made changes to the Win32 client,
but I'm afraid I'm not set up to even try compiling that.

(This is the first of a series of documentation patches I intend to write;
I've spent some time bringing the wiki documentation up to scratch, and I'd
like to pull the improvements back into the in-game help. Are there any
upcoming string freezes or other impediments to this plan that I should be
aware of? Many of these improvements also apply to S2_1, but I've assumed
that extensive documentation patches against S2_1 won't be accepted at this


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Date: Sunday 22/11/09 at 18:35  Name: help-diplomacy.diff  Size: 16kB   By:
Revamped help for diplomacy, against S2_2


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