Summary: Triremes can go anywhere in supplied scenarios in
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            Submitted on: Sunday 29/11/09 at 10:55
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Triremes can now travel on any (shallow) Ocean tile rather than being
tethered to coasts as they were in 2.1. The map generation now provides the
constraints on their movement.

However, the scenarios supplied by default (Earth, Europe etc) haven't been
updated to add Deep Ocean (and Lake) tiles. This means that as soon as you
have Triremes in these scenarios, you can go anywhere on the map. These seems
wrong, and like a regression from 2.1.

The obvious fix is to add Deep Oceans to the scenario save files. I could
probably have a go at this. I think it'll break compatibility with rulesets
that don't have Deep Ocean or Lake terrain (e.g., civ1/civ2); does this


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