Summary: Improve distinguishability of player colours
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            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Sunday 06/12/09 at 01:47
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(Not sure if this should be a bug or a patch...)

For a while I've found that the default order of player colours is not ideal.
While there's always going to be trouble getting enough colours for games with
large numbers of players, I think it could be improved for smaller numbers of
* There are too many indistinguishable pinkish colours for low-numbered
* The dark blue of player4 is hard to spot against the ocean in fog
(especially now we have Deep Ocean as well).

Attached a patch which re-orders the colours to something that suits me
better. I hope it's considered for inclusion by default.

These are the constraints I used:
* Try to use bright colours with distinct hues, as saturation/brightness is
not good for distinguishing given fog-of-war etc.
* Avoid blue midtones as they'll be hard to spot against the ocean on the
main map.
* Avoid green/blue for minimap.
** I did try for a while to make the colours also compatible with routine use
of the borders layer on the minimap, but gave up in the end -- I couldn't
satisfy all the constraints. With these colours, the border layer is mostly
useful for see who's got what land and what's left for the taking; but
cities, friendly units, and enemy units aren't always easy to spot. (I don't
think I've made this significantly worse, mind.)
* Checked with all the default tilesets.
* Checked with and without "Solid unit background colour".

Mostly I rearranged the existing colours, although I did replace one of the
pinks with a more distinct purple.


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Date: Sunday 06/12/09 at 01:47  Name: player-colors.diff  Size: 977B   By:
Improved player colours -- data/misc/colors.tilespec


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