Summary: Help: units/combat help improvements
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Monday 14/12/09 at 02:29
                Category: docs
                Priority: 5 - Normal
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Miscellaneous improvements to help for units and combat, including:
* Rewrite introductory unit help: remove most text describing unit classes,
as it doesn't apply to all rulesets and is now fairly well covered by
autogenerated help; instead, describe upkeep, movement points, and the
veteran system (much of the material is from wiki
* Fix up Combat help to match reality (default ruleset).
* Completely revamp and expand Diplomat and Spy help, from wiki
<http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Diplomacy#Diplomats> material.
* Describe nuclear winter in help for Nuclear units.
* Remove claims that Carriers can't attack.
* Reinstate help for F_TRIREME (for civ1/2 rulesets).
* Note existence of diplomat defence (including F_SUPERSPY).
* Don't display "will be built as veteran" text for units that can't be built
(e.g., Barbarian Leader), or "may be promoted" text for units that never
survive any engagement (e.g., missiles).
* Move repeated text from Settler/Worker descriptions to Terrain Alterations
* Note which unit classes aren't subject to ZOC (air, sea).
* Unit-class-ify fortify ability, and remove redundant pillage text.
* A few grammar/punctuation tweaks.

Some remaining rough edges (shouldn't block commit, it's still better than it
was IMO):
* Autogenerated help for bases hardcoded for rulesets like the default one.
Fixing this will require navigating the effects system, in much the same way
as will render much of my patch #1384 unnecessary. I have some ideas, but
don't know when I'll get round to them.
* Hardcoded references to Barracks, Coastal Defense etc. Same comment.


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Date: Monday 14/12/09 at 02:29  Name: help-units.diff  Size: 52kB   By: jtn
Units and combat help improvements, against S2_2 r16490


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