2009/12/14 Daniel Markstedt <markst...@gmail.com>:
> The criteria to release 2.2.0 Release Candidate is that all targeted
> bugs and patches have been resolved (or retargeted.) We have at the
> time of writing 8 bugs and 1 patch targeted for 2.2.0.

 I think nobody has actively set target releases for incoming bug
reports. Often target is set only when someone starts to work on
actual fix. So we probably have more than 8 bugs reported that should
be fixed before 2.2.0. I'll try to go through bug reports this week
and set targets.

> I plan to make the next release on Dec 27.

  ...assuming there is enough activity in S2_2 before that to justify new beta.

 Our second child will born any day now, so I'll be very busy with rl
for some time.

 -  ML

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