Summary: problem with identical noun and adjective forms in
some languages
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                 Release: 2.2
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Hi, two/three years ago i tried to get some attention to a problem in the
danish (and other) translation concerning that noun and adjective forms of
ethnonyms are often identical in English.

Are there any hope of a least getting the proposal from Daniel (enclosed at
the end of this bug report) incorporated in version 2.2? I know it will not
solve the upper/lower case, but it will still be a great enhancement to the
danish (and others) version.


I the beginning of the game where i choose civilisation, the correct danish
translation would be "Tysker" (but this string is also used inside the game,
where it should be "tysk"). Different spelling and with a "t" instead of a

#: data/nation/german.ruleset:3
msgid "German"
msgstr "Tysker"

#: data/nation/german.ruleset:4
msgid "?plural:Germans"
msgstr "?plural:Tyskerne"

Can't we get a better coding for this problem. It is a problem in most
languages (and yes there is other problems too).

The sideeffect is of course that it will increase the number of
strings to be translated. (Perhaps a little job can copy the current
translations i ruleset3 into ruleset:x to minimize the change).

# Translators: Is only used where you pick nation/civilisation
#: data/nation/german.ruleset:x
msgid "German"
msgstr "Tysker"

#: data/nation/german.ruleset:3
msgid "German"
msgstr "tysk"

#: data/nation/german.ruleset:4
msgid "?plural:Germans"
msgstr "?plural:Tyskerne"



My comment being:
"I know this is very ugly in the Swedish localization too. It is an intricate
problem stemming from the little peculiarity of the English language that noun
and adjective forms of ethnonyms are often identical; e.g. "He is Korean." - I
like Korean food.""

The question is, how does this work in your languages? What different cases
of the nation names should Freeciv support to appear naturally when


If we could introduce a separate string for a nation's adjective form in the
rulesets, at least the Scandinavian languages could be rendered better. This
would look something like:


Where the corresponding translation in Swedish would be:



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