On Sat, 2 Jan 2010, Pepeto wrote:
> As you all know, Freeciv has currently a very few man-power (and this
> for many years already).  There are plenty of clients, but only 2 or 3
> seems to be really maintained.  It needs lot of effort to modify those
> old clients for bug fixing and development.  I wish to see them removed
> from trunk/.  Then, people would probably win precious time to develop
> the SDL client also.
> The most unmaintained clients are the ftwl and the win32 clients.  I
> think they haven't been worked for many years.  Personally, I always
> failed to compile them.  I have no idea how they should look to.  Also,
> the Xaw client looks unmaintained for many years.  I never could start
> it, so it's about the same problem.
> I guess those removal would be a solution to speed up the development of
> Freeciv which is very slow nowadays.  There cannot be more clients than
> active developers!

Hi Pepeto,

I agree fully about removing the unmaintained clients, and focus on
the GTK+ and/or SDL client. Right now there's only demand for one
desktop application client, but I'm not sure if this is the GTK+
or the SDL client. In fact, I would suggest removing the unmaintained
clients, and focus on one desktop client and one web client for Freeciv.

Further, any steps you can take to make it easier for me to
develop the Freeciv web client would be very much appreciated.
At the moment I have to maintain a fairly large set of extra
patches to make the web client work. Some time maybe this
would be a properly maintained client also.

During the past month, there has been 1254 games played
on the Freeciv web client. I think there is a lot
of unused potential there, any would encourage you
to check out the latest source code of the web client.
Perhaps this will encourage more active developers also.

Andreas R.

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