Le samedi 02 janvier 2010 à 21:18 +0100, Andreas Røsdal a écrit :
> Hi Pepeto,
> I agree fully about removing the unmaintained clients, and focus on
> the GTK+ and/or SDL client. Right now there's only demand for one
> desktop application client, but I'm not sure if this is the GTK+
> or the SDL client. In fact, I would suggest removing the unmaintained
> clients, and focus on one desktop client and one web client for Freeciv.

It is hard to choose between GTK+ and SDL clients.  GTK+ is a lot more
complete, but not as good-looking as the SDL one.

> Further, any steps you can take to make it easier for me to
> develop the Freeciv web client would be very much appreciated.
> At the moment I have to maintain a fairly large set of extra
> patches to make the web client work. Some time maybe this
> would be a properly maintained client also.

Personally, I'm not skilled in what you use for your web client.  But,
if you need to modify the common parts, you should post your patches.
We would probably apply them.  Maybe should you use the same svn
repository to merge more proprely?

There have been too much indepedant branches in Freeciv, notably the
warclient and longturn projects have developed themselves their project,
but it usually fail to merge proprely with the newest version of

> During the past month, there has been 1254 games played
> on the Freeciv web client. I think there is a lot
> of unused potential there, any would encourage you
> to check out the latest source code of the web client.
> Perhaps this will encourage more active developers also.

That's excellent news!

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