Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15057 (project freeciv):

I personally prefer the current behavior. I like to wage early war on my
neighbors to weaken them, so it's very convenient to be able to start
attacking by just ignoring the cease-fire offer.

OTOH, HanduMan makes a couple of good points about serious drawbacks.

How about this for a solution: Reintroduce diplomatic state 'neutral' (and
probably remove 'cease-fire' to avoid unnecessary complexity). In neutral
state, movement within each other's borders is tolerated, but you are able to
able to declare war on another player simply by attacking one of their units
or cities. IMHO this makes sense because 'neutral' is not an explicitly
agreed treaty - just the lack of one. In that sense, you shouldn't have to
cancel this 'treaty' to attack each other.

This solution would satisfy me, at least. :)


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