Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15090 (project freeciv):

Why not make it a client option? The server can keep track of the dates, and
report it to the client, which can display it in whatever format the user

Why not add the following as well (from Wikipedia)?

Communist East Germany: v. u. Z. (von unserer Zeitrechnung [before our
chronology]), and u. Z. (unserer Zeitrechnung [of our chronology])
Hungary: i. e. (before our era) and i. sz. (according to our era)
Poland: naszej ery (of our era) and przed naszą erą (before our era)

e.v. or EV (Era Vulgaris)
The French Revolutionary Calendar
Anno urbis conditae (AUC/a.u.c./a.u.) (From the founding of the City [Rome])

Particularly since the game starts before the birth of Christ, some method
needs to be used for dating that period, until a dating scheme is reached.
For example, if playing as the Roman civilization, once Rome is founded,
dates could then be recorded as AUC. If playing with BC/AD or BCE/CE, the
civilization would have to wait until that timepoint in the game to start
keeping track of dates using that mechanism.



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