Follow-up Comment #6, bug #15092 (project freeciv):

"    * bonus = (distance_between_cities + size_of_city1 + size_of_city2) /
    * if the cities are on different continents bonus *= 2.
    * if both cities are owned by the same player bonus /= 2."

If the cities are both owned by you and 9 tiles apart, at size 3 they would
have less than one trade point. ((9+3+3)/8)/2=0.93

If the cities are both owned by you and 12 tiles apart, at size 6 they would
have 1.5 trade points ((12+6+6)/8)/2=1.5

It will be very hard to rapture on your own island, if you can at all...Even
if the cities are on different islands, and the other numbers are the same,
they would receive 1.8 and 3 points respectively. If they were owned by
different players on different islands, you would receive 3.75 and 6 which
means you have to settle two different islands before you could even think
about setting up trade routes, or have to trade with and rely on possibly
hostile or weak neighbors if you want to rapture before turn 150. 

Is the intention is to make trade weaker and make it harder to rapture? If
so, maybe an option to either have the new low-yield formula or a
higher-yield one from a previous version. I can see how a low yield formula
could be better for a single player game, but I think that a higher yield
formula is better for a multiplayer game.


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