Follow-up Comment #10, bug #15092 (project freeciv):

The problem, I think, with this is that it will slow the game down a lot,
especially the multiplayer game. If you have to wait until you build a
railroad or boats before you can trade, it will be at least twice as long
before you can set up trade routes, rapture, and move more quickly through
the game. 

As we all know, the multiplayer game is already very long, and I think that
the new formula (and pepeto's proposal which is better, but still too low,
IMHO) will extend the already 3-5 hour game to 4-6 hours at least, if not
more than that. It may cause people to play less, and even now it takes a
while to find a game in 2.1, this will only be worse. (note: I've not played
a multiplayer 2.2 game, and didn't notice the amount of turns passing in the
single player games I've played, so this is speculation)

Maybe a division by 6 rather than 8 would be better. These numbers seem much
more playable to me.

This is what we would get with that ((distance+size1+size2)/6):

same island, same player:

different island, same player/same island, different players:

different island, different players:


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