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> * Do you think it's normal or realistic to divide the trade route  
> value by 2
> if the owner is not the same?  And the trade would increase if you  
> lose a
> city...  Or maybe should it be based on the initial owner?
> * Do you think it's normal or realistic to multiply by 2 he trade  
> route value
> if the continent is not the same?

        It certainly makes sense from a 'real world' perspective.  The more  
exotic the goods being traded, the more valuable they will be.  Items  
from another culture are more likely to be seen as exotic than items  
from your own.  Goods from another continent are also likely to made  
from raw ingredients that can't be grown/found on your own continent  
- thus making them more of a novelty.

        As to whether trade values should change due to change of ownership,  
that's a tougher nut to crack.  As i understand it, the whole reason  
the formula got changed was to reduce the load on the processor.  If  
so, then we should keep an eye towards not making this calculation  
too expensive or running it too often.

        I have one little question: in a 'gen 1' environment, is each little  
island considered its own continent, or is there some way of grouping  
them into archipelagos?

        I have one idea that i'd like to toss out there, though i'm afraid  
it may contradict what i wrote above.  The more advanced  
transportation becomes, the more jaded consumers become.  Perhaps we  
can adjust the total land distance some percentage down when  
railroads come along, and a similar adjustment of distance over sea  
based on what generation ships are in effect?

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